The reviews of ours visitors

Caroline from London

I spent two weeks in July/August doing an immersion course with Elisabeth and Roland in Aix, and I cannot speak highly enough of her. She was recommended by a friend of the lady I went with and far far exceeded expectations. She is a very experienced and professional instructor, and extremely patient. My friend was more or less a beginner whereas I had learned French for many years at school and have the opportunity to speak it frequently, so our knowledge of the language was very different. We therefore had our instruction separately, but Elisabeth was the ideal teacher at both levels – not surprisingly as she has been doing it for nearly thirty years! She has the knack of correcting her students without making them feel they are under-achieving. She has a natural ability to relate to people, and is a superb hostess. Nothing was too much trouble for them. She is a wonderful cook and we were treated to many typical Provençal dishes. How she managed to pack so much into her day without appearing in the slightest bit weary is a mystery! But she did have the help of her husband, Roland, who was an excellent sous-chef! He is also a passionate enthusiast of history and architecture, especially of Aix and Marseille, and the villages of Provence. It was Roland who took us for a walk around Aix our first afternoon, and with his depth of knowledge this was fascinating. We also were taken on trips to Marseille and the Luberon, and we’re lucky enough to be there during a local music festival and went to an open air concert – the one night during the two weeks that it rained! Not that it was a problem as the organisers provided plastic ponchos! As regards the accommodation, the Dol’s apartment is very centrally located and is charming. The room that my friend and I shared is small but pretty, with an old armoire and a comfortable armchair. There is a lovely en suite bath/shower room with both a shower and a tub. The room is situated at the end of a corridor so is very private and somewhere you can retreat to. And yes, it is clean and calm, and both on our arrival and half way through our stay Elisabeth put a beautiful flower arrangement that she had done herself on the table. I am in my 70s and would not hesitate to stay there on my own – although my husband was so bowled over my my accounts of my stay that we have just booked a return visit together for next year! You will find it is an unforgettable experience.

Esther d'Absecon, New Jersey

I have just returned from my second homestay with Elisabeth and Roland. Again, as the instruction was one-on-one, I was able to concentrate on my weaknesses, not someone else’s. At this point, improving my conversation and comprehension skills was very important to me. In addition, I needed help with the more advanced topics of grammar. Elisabeth is an incredibly adaptable teacher and this is exactly what we did. In just two weeks I made significant progress. This was truly an immersion experience as we spoke nothing but French. Elisabeth is a wonderful, empathetic instructor and, I might add, a terrific cook. She truly cared that everything met my expectations. My accommodations were very comfortable and their new location in Aix has so much to offer. I loved wandering around and getting to know this truly Provencal town. Also it is close to Marseille and many of the other towns that you associate with Provence. I enthusiastically recommend Provence-en-famille to any student, no matter their level, who has a desire to improve their French.

Laura de Houston, Texas

I have had many French professors over the past 10 years that I have been studying the French language, both in France and in the United States. Without a doubt, Elisabeth Dol has been the best teacher I have had. She really loves her profession and her students. She is sensitive to her students’ needs. Her program for each student is based on the needs of the individual. Her knowledge of French history and culture is outstanding. Her preparation for her students’ lessons is thorough. She has so much enthusiasm for both her teaching and life. I have enjoyed every minute in her gracious and welcoming home. My French has improved a hundredfold since I have been her student. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to know her, her family, and to have benefited from my experience as her student.

Maya et Bernhard de Suisse

Bei Elisabeth und Roland sind wir zu Hause und erleben ein Sprachbad in der französischen Sprache Die Ankunft im Haus von Elisabeth und Roland ist für uns immer ein nach Hause kommen. Der herzliche Empfang der Gastgeber sowie das schön dekorierte Haus können diesen Eindruck nur verstärken. Den Sprachkurs mit einem Aufenthalt in der Familie der Sprachlehrerin zu verbinden ist eine ideale Kombination. Wir erleben diese Unterrichtsform wie ein “Sprachbad”. Bereits bei der Begrüssung tauchen wir in die französische Sprache ein, dies zieht sich fort über den Unterricht, die angeregten Tischgespräche und die gemeinsamen Ausflüge in die farbenfrohe Landschaft der Provence. Elisabeth und Roland geben uns die Möglichkeit, die französische Sprache zu erleben. Beim Besuch der Wochenmärkte lernen wir viel über Land und Leute. St. Remy en Provence ist eine Perle und den Samstags-Markt von Aix-en-Provence ein Muss. Natürlich gehört ein Mittagessen im “Pourquoi pas ?” und ein anschliessender Kaffee in der “Brûlerie” dazu. An den Wochenenden oder auch einmal unter der Woche – die von Elisabeth angebotenen Kurse lassen dies zum Glück zu – unternehmen wir gemeinsame Ausflüge bis in den Luberon. Roland hat uns dabei mit seinem grossen Wissen wertvolle Hintergrundinformationen zur Geschichte, der Architektur und zur Lebensweise im Süden Frankreichs vermittelt. Müssten wir eine Bewertung abgeben, würden wir sicher sagen “Best teacher and place in France !”. Wir können Elisabeth und ihre Art zu unterrichten bestens empfehlen. Für uns steht es fest “Wir kommen sicher wieder zurück “chez Elisabeth en Provence”.

Renée de Palm Springs, California

Dear Elisabeth, My son and I had a marvelous stay at your home this past summer. You made us feel so much at home and we loved our time with you. Your French lessons are fantastic – it was incredible how you weaved the lessons into the natural course of our daily activities. After two weeks with you, I felt my French had progressed to a whole new level. For anyone who may read this note, if you want to experience life as the French do, then a one week or two week stay with Elisabeth and her husband will offer you great insight and a wonderful experience. You will enjoy an authentic French lifestyle, including carefully and lovingly prepared meals and stimulating conversation. I so much look forward to our return to Elisabeth’s home. Elisabeth, thank you for the incredible time with you!

Loïs de Ottawa

I spent a month this winter at “Provence en Famille” with Mme. Elisabeth Dol. It was unmistakably an exhilarating experience. Elisabeth Dol had a passion for teaching French and her teaching was very clear and expressive. Mme Dol and M. Dol took pleasure in showing me Provence taking time to explain its vast history and exhuberant culture. Their warm hospitality made me feel very much at home and I enjoyed the many conversations at meal times etc. It provided excellent practice in conversation.

Julie de Minneapolis, Minnesota

Meeting Elisabeth and Roland and becoming part of their family for 2 weeks was a fabulous experience. I immediately felt at home. The French studies every morning helped me advance tremendously. I also benefitted greatly from the conversations throughout the day as well as our walks together. The animated talks over the delicious meals gave me a great insight into the culture and lifestyles of France. I had the opportunity to explore not only the language, but to experience the day-to-day life of the Provencal region. Elisabeth and Roland are passionate about the arts, literature, and people in general. In only 2 weeks I gained a wealth of linguistic and cultural knowledge. I recommend this experience to anyone looking to advance his or her studies. (Even my husband who does not speak French enjoyed the experience immensely.)

Sandi from Houston

I I had the distinct pleasure of staying with Elisabeth and her husband Roland last June. Their hospitality is faultless and the apartment is both elegant and inviting. I was only able to stay a week, but i wish I could have stayed longer. I enjoyed my relaxed lessons every morning and then after lunch,my time was my own. My bedroom was so lovely that it was tempting to spend the afternoon reading, but after all, there is so much to see and do in Aix! We went on all-day field trip which allowed menu to see the countryside and sample antique shops and restaurants. I went home(reluctantly) feeling both rested from my vacation and energized by my improved language skills. Elisabeth is a gifted teacher and I recommend this experience wholeheartedly.

Christie from Hong-kong

I I stayed with Elisabeth for two weeks and she is one of the best teachers I’ve had during my 8 years of learning French. I’ve aldready noticed a steep improvement in my spoken French on the third day. In particular,I really appreciate how Elisabeth takes time to explain not only the usage of grammar, but also how to employ it in context. I’ve also learnt a lot about the history and culture of France whilst sharing meals with the familly. for enjoy delicious cuisine and be in the company of a lovely couple, look no further than Provence en famille. Thank you Elisabeth and Roland, I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with you.