Language Homestay

The French homestay immersion program allows a student to be totally immersed in the French language. It also provides for one-on-one French tutoring which is extremely effective for those who must learn French for professional or academic reasons as well as for those learning the language for pleasure.

The French program will be tailored to your specific learning style and needs. You will hear French spoken properly all day long. Participants become a part of our family life during their stay and share in a cultural and learning experience that will develop both an understanding of the language and of the French people.


I have a master’s degree in English and French (Comparative Litterature) and have been teaching French as a Foreign Language for 30 years.

I truly enjoy teaching and helping my students achieve success. Care is taken with my explanations so that they are clear and concise. I am careful to make any corrections in a manner that has the most value for my students. The corrections are given in a respectful way so that their self-esteem remains intact.

Instructional Time

The homestay portion of this program begins on Sunday after 5pm and ends on Saturday after breakfast.

When they apply students may choose 10, 15, or 20 hours of one-on-one french instruction per week. The schedule will be determined during the first tutoring session on the first Monday of the stay.

Lessons are in the morning. If you choose the full board program, we will have lunch together. The participants are free in the afternoon.

They can discover Versailles or Paris. They can also relax in our apartment or study. Each week, we are happy to offer a free tour that we will do together. Other paying tours can be organized on request.